Daily Beast Makes Wise Move - Parts Ways with Howie Kurtz

We have to give The Daily Beast props for finally coming to their senses and parting ways with TV (Except for CNN) Critic Howard Kurtz.

Beast Boss (sounds like a cool title) Tina Brown Tweeted the news that Howie is gone from the company.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.29.40 PM.png

The news comes after Howie fumbled the ball while reporting on NBA player Jason Collins coming out party.


Kurtz accused Collins of leaving out the fact that he was once engaged to a woman. Kurtz said  "He didn't tell the whole story," Kurtz burbles in a Daily Download video.

Kurtz continues: "If you leave out the fact that you dated this woman for eight years and that you were engaged to be married, then you have not told the whole story and I think this really muddies the whole plotline."

Kurtz wrote the same argument for the Daily Beast, that Collins "left one little part out."

Except Collins didn't leave the detail out. It's right at the beginning of the eighth paragraph of his long Sports Illustrated piece:

"When I was younger I dated women. I even got engaged."

After the major faux pas Beast Bounced Kurtz.

You can only hope that CNN will wise up and do the same. But, since Kurtz is supposed to be a TV Critic, yet almost never cast any criticism on CNN, maybe keeping him employed is akin to paying him hush money.

But, if Jeff Zucker wants to show change in a good way at CNN, he would hand Howie is walking papers.

That like the Daily Beast wisely did.