St. Louis Anchor off the Air After IRS Tax Claims

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FTVLive reported the story that KMOV (St. Louis) Anchor Larry Connors claimed they he was a target of the IRS after he did an interview with President Obama.

It appears that the anchor may have left out a tiny little the fact that his IRS troubles started well before he did the interview with the President.


Now, Connors has been taken off the air. The station isn't calling it a suspension but instead he is going “take a few days off”.

After his post, Connors went on the air with a brief explanation of his post. He didn't exactly apologize, but he did admit that his troubles with the IRS actually started years prior to his 2012 interview with President Obama.

Connors may or may not have ticked off the President, but he most certainly pissed off BELO, the company that owns his station.

“Any issue he has with the IRS are personal issues. They have nothing to do with our television station KMOV or him as a journalist,” Mike Valentine, vice president for content at Belo.

So while the station is not saying that Connors has been suspended....he totally has been.