Denver Station Posts Video of DA Ripping Reporter

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KMGH in Denver did something that they admit is not normal for them.

The station was working on a story about Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey and how he refuses to prosecute a higher percentage of felonies and felony sex assaults than many other judicial districts in Colorado and several similar ones around the country.

The station had been working on the story for months, but they were having a problem getting DA Morrissey to appear on camera. 

Reporter Keli Rabon finally caught up with the DA in public, but he refused to answer he questions on camera.

A number of times he told Rabon that he would talked to her off camera because according to him, Rabon and the station don't "tell the truth" and they distort the story through their editing of the video. 

During the encounter Morrissey repeatedly predicts that none of his criticism being shot would be shown.

So the station showed the entire exchange when they posted the video on the station's website and it made the DA look like a pompous ass.

KMGH News Director Jeff Harris admits that putting up raw tape of an interview is not something the station normally does. "But given the content of his responses, we felt it was appropriate to do so. And we also think that because he's an elected official, it was important for his constituency to see how he responded to what we believe, and others are telling us, is a very important issue," Harris said to Denver's Westword.

Here's the video of the entire exchange: