Cincy Sports Anchor Kind of Retiring

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Here's a thought, when some anchor leaves their job and they say "it was entirely my decision" it most likely wasn't.

WCPO Sports Anchor Dennis Janson told viewers tonight he’s leaving anchor chair next Wednesday. Unbelievably that is also the last day a sweeps. What a coincidence! 

The sports anchor says he is leaving the anchor chair to work primarily for the website writing a column.

Details of his new duties will be revealed later, he said, but “there will be a role for me on the air, with an edge.”

More often than not, stations staffers working on the website are just kids right out of school making next to nothing.

So the idea of taking the main sports anchor off air and having him work mainly for the station's website, shows a great commitment by the station and how much they realize that the Internet presence is vitally important.... Or they wanted to bump down the sports guy and replace him with someone new.

Janson claims the idea was all his. “This transition is solely – I say solely – my decision,” he tells Cincy Enquirer.