Back to the Future in Medford

Dialing for Dollars_PrintLOGO.JPG

It looks like we have officially run out of sweeps stunt ideas and we are now starting over again.

At least that is the case at KOBI in Medford, Oregon.

The station has gone back to the late 60's early 70's and is bringing back "Dialing for Dollars.".

For you people under the age of 50, Dialing for Dollars is where the station calls viewers up. If the viewer knows the "secret" word they win cash (in this case $60). If they don't know, the station adds another $60 bucks to the pot, and they next person has a chance to win $120 dollars when they call. 

The reason for this stunt in the 60's and 70's? It would force people to be at home (no cellphones back then) and watching the newscast to see what the secret word is. The stunt basically forced you to watching the newscast from your house in case the station called your home phone.


You can see how in 2013, this might not work like it did in the past. 

Then again, I've never been to Medford...maybe they don't have cellphones and the Internet there just yet. 

Or they might just drive Deloreans with a flux compacitor.