Chris Cuomo “There have been huge growing pains”

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FTVLive told you last week about Chris Cuomo's interview with Amanda Knox and how he was catching some heat for it in the social media world.

“Criticism's been a part of the business,” Cuomo said.

During the CNN interview to promote her new book, “Waiting to Be Heard,” Cuomo repeatedly peppered Knox with questions about her sexual preferences and barked at her that she was “freaky.”

Following the televised segment, viewers blasted him on Twitter — he was called a string of profanities for his behavior.

“If you want to get involved in controversy and if you want to be involved with news cycles, you can’t be shy. Controversy invites passion and big opinions. Amanda Knox is a hugely volatile case; that’s why it's been covered the way it has been,” he said.

“I was brought in [to CNN] to have a much more central role. I was always on the team [at ABC]. But I’m a bigger part here. And that was part of the attraction for me. As you get better at this you want to have more influence if you can.”

Cuomo added he’s had some trouble adjusting to his new role at CNN.

“There have been huge growing pains,” he said.

“Broadcasting on cable is so different. The amount of time you have to fill, it’s like being a sports broadcaster. At the network, it's like, you’ve got 80 seconds — and it’s a lifetime: And here are the two things you're gonna say. Here, [at CNN] it's like, `Keep going!’

Cuomo’s new morning show, “New Day” with co-host Kate Bolduan and news reader Michaela Pereira, debuts on June 17.

H/T NY Daily News