Ouch! This one has to Hurt....


It's the rating book and that means it's the time when Anchors and former Anchors talk about their medical problems, i.e. cancer, addiction, strokes...because after all it is all about them.

Down in Houston, there is a bit of a twist to the story.

Most often when Anchors and former Anchors talk about their "problem" they do so on their current or former station. That's not the case with former longtime KTRK sports anchor Tim Melton.

Melton suffered a stroke back in October 2011. FTVLive told you last month that Melton had parted ways with KTRK when is contract expired.

Now, Melton is talking about his stroke and his effort to recover from it, but he's not telling his story to his old station KTRK.

He's doing it on the station's competition KHOU. Ouch!

He's tell his story to Bob Allen, who used to also work at KTRK and is now at KHOU. This has to be a giant F-U to their old station.

“He talks about what happened when he had the stroke, going through rehab, how helpful his family and friends have been, what it’s like to be unable to do what you were once able to do and his hopes about returning to broadcasting in some form,” Allen said told the Houston Chronicle.

The story which runs over 3 minutes airs Tonight.