Bounced in Buffalo?


WIVB General Manager Chris Musial is leaving the station at the end of month and more than a few insiders believe that he is being pushed out.

Musial started as an intern at the station and then moved through the ranks.

He was bumped up to news director and finally to GM after the sudden death of the station's last General Manager.

When Musial took over the station as GM, it was a solid number 1. Now it's number 2 and Musial says he's leaving to....say it with me.... "spend more time with his family". 

No one is officially saying whether Musial is leaving on his own or if he's being pushed and Musial isn't returning phone calls. So we're betting he was pushed. 

It also means that the deathwatch is also on for WIVB News Director Joe Schlaerth.

Schlaerth is not well liked by the staff and really does not seem to be very good at his job. Both of those add up to.....say it with me.... leaving to spend more time with my family.

Stay tuned....