NY Anchor Tweets Racy Message on Twitter By Mistake

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TV news people need to learn how send direct messages on Twitter instead of posting the messages to their public timeline.

It's also a good idea to really learn this when you are messaging a girl about her awesome boobs.

SportsNet New York anchor Kirk Gimenez accidentally tweeted what was supposed to be a direct message that instead went to all his followers.

He quickly deleted the message and his entire Twitter account, but not before the messaged was grabbed and saved.

His mistake came Thursday night just before 10.30pm when the cryptic and racy message was posted on his public Twitter profile.

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He quickly deleted the message and then a short time later deleted his entire account.

So far the the station has taken no action against Gimenez, but they are "looking into the matter and handling it internally."

Stay tuned...

H/T Daily Mail