Motown Reporter in Jail after Violating "Super Drunk" driving law


There's "drunk" and then there's "super drunk".

WDIV (Detroit) reporter Kevin Dietz crossed over the line into the "super drunk" category and is now sitting behind bars and has been for a while.

Dietz sits in Motown Jail for violating what is called the "Super Drunk" driving law.

Cops busted Dietz back in February. They say he was driving with a blood alcohol level of .17 or more. THat is more than double the legal limit. 

Dietz sits behind bars, where he has been since April 18. He's serving a 30 day sentence.

Dietz's driving license has been suspended through May 2014 for violating the "Super Drunk" driving law and for his refusal to take a breathalyzer.

WDIV's web site posted a statement from Dietz, which says, "I am deeply sorry for my actions. I made a mistake for which i apologize to my family, WDIV and to the viewers. I accept full responsibility and am taking the necessary steps to deal with this matter."