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Another week comes to a close and once again we want to thank each and everyone of you for stopping by FTVLive.

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More and more websites are going behind paywalls and that is one of the main reason FTVLive came out from behind the paywall. We want to give you the best coverage of the news media, but we don't want to bust your budget.

How dod we do it? With great sponsors! 

Sponsors like No Whining Talent. An awesome company founded by a couple of News Directors.

Here's more on their story:

Linda Levy  and Jan Allen are the principals and founders of The NWT Group.
Back in the day of big shoulder pads and even bigger hair, they were among the first female news directors in the country.  It was inevitable they would become friends.

They also found themselves making nationwide reputations for overseeing successful turnaround situations in the newsrooms they headed up.

Linda Levy has been a News Director in markets ranging from large...including the top ten market at KTVT, the CBS O&O in Dallas ...to medium, including WKBW in Buffalo, WDSU in New Orleans and KOCO in Oklahoma City...to small, such as KATC in Lafayette, LA.

She's also worked in news at the corporate level, as Director of News Services for Belo. In that role, she oversaw shared coverage of major news events, including the Oklahoma City bombing to hurricanes to the '96 Presidential campaign.

Jan Allen has been called everything from the "queen of the turnarounds" to a" hired gun."  And, well, some other things she just doesn't want to talk about.

Jan was Vice-President and Station Manager of KATU in Portland, Oregon, where she was responsible for News, Creative Services, Design, Operations, I.S., and Local Programming. Local shows were the daily morning talker "A.M. Northwest" and the weekly "Town Hall". The name says it all.

She was News Director at KATU for a year prior to her promotion.

Former Fisher Broadcasting CEO Pat Scott called Jan "a passionate manager who cares about people and results."

One of her most exciting turnarounds was when she was News Director at KXTV in Sacramento. She feels her team accomplished a lot in her 14 month tenure.

The Sacramento Bee said "Perennial TV powerhouse KCRA is feeling the hot breath of KXTV in what has become the first legitimate race for number one in the history of Sacramento television," Another article announced "Channel 10's evening newscast makes historic rating jump"

You can visit NWT's website here