Denver Station Shows the Ease of Buying Guns


KDVR in Denver is breaking with sweeps tradition and doing some actual reporting.

Instead of doing some stunt on where their former anchors are or swimming around in the ocean, the station is looking at the gun laws.

Reporter Josh Bernstein went undercover to a Babies “R” Us parking lot to buy a very adult toy: an Uzi.

“I mean the beauty of this gun is it’s pretty well-balanced when you’re holding it with two hands,” the unidentified seller told Bernstein.

In just hours, Bernstein was able to obtain several high-powered guns from private sellers in Denver-area parking lots — a legal transaction in Colorado that requires no background check or waiting period to buy the weapons.

In a supermarket parking lot in Aurora, the town where 12 were killed during last year’s mass shooting at a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” Bernstein purchased a semiautomatic 9mm Uzi and three 30-round magazines for $2,100. As the man pulled the weapon out of his trunk, a man pushing a stroller walked by.

During meetings with six potential sellers, the undercover reporter bought an AR-15, an Uzi, a 9mm MAC 11, 100 rounds of ammo and five 30-round magazines.

Not once did someone call police while Bernstein looked at, dry-fired and bought the guns in broad daylight in store parking lots.

Here is the video of his report: