Layoffs Expected at Disney


Employees at Disney owned properties are on edge as rumors of a big round of layoffs loom.

Word is that tomorrow, Disney is going to call in 150 staffers and tell them they are being sacked.

Luckily (if you can consider layoffs lucky) not all the cuts are going to come from Disney owned stations and networks.

Sources say the cuts will come from across all of Disney Studios businesses, but will include TV stations. 

At this point it looks like a one-time round of layoffs, but an overall reorganization affecting other divisions is planned for later this year and that could include more cuts.

They’re coming as a result of an internal review ordered late last year by CEO Bob Iger and CFO Jay Rasulo to pinpoint superfluous positions and increase efficiency. 

Of course, Bob Iger's job will not be part of the Layoffs.

Imagine that.

H/T Deadline