Our Man Robert Feder Taking a Time Out


The TV critic that knows Chicago television better than anyone else is taking a buyout from his employer.

Rober Feder who work for the Chicago Sun Times for like 93 years, left the paper when they offered him a buyout.

He ended up at Time Out Chicago...which was just sold. Now, Feder is taking another buyout (this guy is a pro at this).

The New Time Out will no longer print a paper and will go digital only.

“With the sale of Time Out Chicago, I have agreed to accept a buyout of my contract,” he said in an email and on his Facebook page. “I am eager to continue my work and I expect to make an announcement soon. Until then, I'll keep you posted on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for reading me!”

The Time Out columnist and blogger made the announcement after paying tribute today to his friend and colleague Roger Ebert, who died last week. Maybe appropriately, it is Mr. Feder's last column for Time Out.

The Chicago media critic has been an anchor for the publication, which is losing its foothold in print. 

H/T Chicago Business