Memphis ND Warns Staff to Stay Away from Rumors


Yesterday, FTVLive told you the sad news of WPTY Chief Meteorologist Mark Walden who was found dead in his home over the Weekend.

When Waldan was reported dead, rumors started swirling around the Memphis market as to what caused the death of the 38 year old weatherman.

There were reports that he was very sick on Friday and left the station early. There were also the rumors of suicide?

Across the street at WREG, News Director Bruce Moore sent and internal memo to the staff warning them to stick to facts and not rumors. Moore warned that in the Social Media world it is easy for rumors to run wild.

Here is his internal memo he sent to the staff:

From: "Moore, Bruce" <>

Date: April 7, 2013, 10:07:46 AM CDT
To: WREG-News <>
Cc: "Crain, Steve" <>, "Himes, Jim" <>, "Pollard, Wes" <>, "Walter, Ronald" <>
Subject: WPTY Chief Met - Mark Walden


WPTY's Chief Met Mark Walden was found dead in his downtown condo early this morning.

Rumors are rampant that he committed suicide; however, I've spoken with his News Director, Lisa Lovell (spelling?), who told me (off the record!!!) that Mark was very ill on Friday and left work early.

WPTY is working on a release this morning.  We will wait for their release... which might come out on their webiste first... until we put anything out.

Stick to the facts. And in the world of social media, don't spread rumors.