It's a Dull Point


CNN's hastily put together rip off of Fox News's 'The Five' is not a ratings hit.

After it's first week, CNN's '(Get to) The Point' is sucking wind in the ratings.

The show's numbers were down nearly 50% from the numbers that Anderson Cooper 360 got. And that was for the rerun of AC360!

How about the demos?

Not good there either. In the adults 25-54 demo, The Point was off over 55% of what the repeat of AC360 did. 

In fact, Tuesday's 'Point' was the lowest rated show of the year so far, pulling just 235,000 viewers and only 59,000 in the demo.

So what does it mean?

Don't expect to see the Point on CNN. It was a test and they failed it with flying colors.