Houston Station Finally Posts ND Job

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FTVLive reported to you back in the middle of February that KRIV News Director Tom Doerr was leaving the station.

Doerr was bumped up the Fox food chain, becoming the News Director at WFLD in Chicago.

But, just a couple of days ago, KRIV got around to posting the ND job opening on their site.

On April 2nd, a month and half after Doerr was announced to be leaving the station, they finally posted his open job.

So what does that mean?

More than likely, the station already has a candidate picked and we will bet you $5 it will be someone who is already inside the Fox family.

So why post the job?

The station has to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements and the job has to be posted. We're guessing that the station basically had an idea who they were going to hire and then realized the job was never posted under the EEOC guidelines.

So, our advice to you is don't bother even applying for the gig, we're betting Fox knows who is getting the job.

We'll just have to wait and see if the next hire comes from within the Fox family to see if we were right.

Here is the posting KRIV placed on their site:

VP/ News Director                                                             Full Time Regular

KRIV/KTXH currently has an opening for a VP, News Director. Individual must possess the ability to motivate, lead and manage a major market news operation to its maximum potential.  Must possess solid experience in strategic planning, strong organization and problem solving skills, strong oral and written communication skills and must bring successful management experience in leading a large newsroom.  Individual will be expected to develop the vision and strategies for newscasts to achieve ratings growth.  Additional responsibilities include developing and managing departmental and capital budgets, establishing strategic goals and oversee planning to ensure news gathering quality control, ethics and image of the news product.  Must be able to successfully work with management personnel in all departments.

Degree in Journalism or related field required. Five [5] or more years Previous News Director experience in a mid to major market preferred.  Individual must be a highly motivated, creative and organizationally sound news leader with proven team building skills and a winning attitude.  Must possess strong editorial judgment and a successful track record in recruitment/hiring and contract negotiation.  Must have strong background in legal and ethical issues as it relates to the news gathering process. Ability to challenge employees to grow and develop news gathering and reporting skills to consistently deliver informative, compelling and accurate newscasts. Knowledge of research and effective promotions essential.  Must possess modern vision, honesty and outstanding planning skills.  Must be knowledgeable in developing web and social media initiatives.