Leno to Fallon: Don't Let NBC Fall into 6TH


Now that is official that NBC is kicking Jay Leno to the curb, it's not stopping the Tonight Show host from making jokes about NBC.

“I want to congratulate our good friend Jimmy Fallon. He is a hell of a guy! He’s going to do a great job. I just have one request for Jimmy: We’ve all fought, kicked, and scratched to get this network up to fifth place, now we have to keep it there! Jimmy, don’t let it slip into sixth. We are counting on you,” Leno said in last night's monologue.

“Things move so quickly,” Leno added. “Jimmy hasn’t even taken over yet and the rumors have already started … Like NBC says in five years they play to replace Jimmy with Justin Bieber. They are moving too quickly!”

And finally: “Today I accepted a new position; I am going to be the head basketball coach at Rutgers University! Thank you very much!”