In Depth Look at the Pittsburgh Market

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The company SurveyUSA has come up with a new template on doing research.

Instead of waiting for a station to hire them, they are going and and doing research on every station in the market and then posting a teaser online.

The latest market SurveryUSA breaks down is the highly competitive news market of Pittsburgh.

The company claims that this is not stale, generic, national research pulled out of some book, with limited and dated relevance to the Pittsburgh market. This is 1,568 PDF pages of fresh, local, detailed research on the Pittsburgh media landscape, conducted March 2013, with insight nowhere else found on the Pittsburgh media market and the talent that drives it.

Which of the following stations has the best local newscast, and which has the worst?

  • KDKA, channel 2, the CBS affiliate, where Anne Linaberger is News Director
  • WTAE, channel 4, the ABC affiliate, where Justin Antoniotti is News Director
  • WPXI, channel 11, the NBC affiliate, where Mike Oliveira is News Director


  • Which station has the best sports?
  • Which has the best weather?
  • Which has the best website?
  • Which is the most accurate?
  • Which gives you both sides of the story?

It really is a smart way of doing it. Now, SurveyUSA can sell their results to every station in the market. The research includes recorded calls with viewers that can be clicked on a listen too.

One caller trashes longtime WTAE anchor Sally Wiggin saying she's "arrogant, rude and snobby..."  

Of course if none of the Pittsburgh stations purchase the research, the SurveyUSA wasted a lot of time.

But, as competitive as the market is, it's likely that at least one station will bite and buy the research.

You can check out out and listen to some of the viewer's takes on the talent at the SurveyUSA website.