Cincy Anchor Leaving


We'll bet you $10 you could never guess the reason a Cincinnati Anchor is leaving the station?

After 2 1/2 years WXIX anchor Ben Swann said he's leaving the station at the end of the May book.

Swann come to the station from El Paso in 2010 to replace Dan Carroll as Tricia Macke’s co-anchor. Swann was only the third main co-anchor since Channel 19 started news in 1993 with Jack Atherton.

What's his reason for leaving?

"To explore other opportunities.”

Ha Ha we knew you were going to say "To PURSUE other opportunities." 

But Swann used the not often used "To EXPLORE other opportunities.”

Swann wanted “to take his career in a different direction” after 2-1/2 years at the station, said Bill Lanesey, general manager.

You can keep the $10 you owe us. We'll get it next time.