Was Curry the Source Behind Book that Slams Lauer?

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Was Ann Curry the secret source behind the book that slams both NBC and their star Matt Lauer?

Radar Online says that there is no revenge like a woman – or TV anchor — scorned, and  NBC executives suspect that former TODAY co-host Ann Curry may have secretly cooperated with author Brian Stelter on his shocking expose.

Stelter’s book, Top Of The Morning: Inside The World Of Cutthroat World of Morning TV, portrays Matt Lauer as the evil villain who was determined to get Ann fired from the show.

“Ann had a lot of respect among the crew of Today, even almost a year later. However, since Stelter’s book release last week, that goodwill is coming to an end. There is just so much negativity geared towards Matt and the bosses at NBC, that only a few people knew about, Ann included. Who would have the motivation to reveal such damaging information? Ann and/or her friends and allies,” a show insider told Radar.

“If Ann didn’t directly work with Brian on the book, she likely would have told her friends and colleagues it was okay to talk to him. One of Ann’s very good pals, New York Times Op-Ed columnist, Nicholas Kristof, spoke openly on the record in the book. There is no way he would have done that without Ann’s permission.”

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