Brokaw's Ranch Sells for $1.7 Million


From Horses to Fish....

Tom Brokaw's fishing ranch located in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, has sold for $1.7 million. He had listed the estate for sale sometime back in September 2012, asking for $1.8 million. The place has now sold for a slight discount.

Brokaw purchased the property with two friends and decided to sell it away as it was lying unused by either of the three. The ranch has been purchased by Texas-based buyers who now plan to set up base there.

The Hat Rack Ranch is spread across an area of 275 acres of crown government leased lands. Located on the Telkwa High Road, the fishing estate lies parallel to the Bulkley River. The ranch offers cross-valley views of the glacier mounts in Hudson Bay and the Evelyn Mountains.

Word is that the ranch was bought by overseas buyers.

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