Are Viewers Growing Tired of Cable News?


Whether it's the rhetoric from the Right (Fox News) or the squabbling from the Left (MSNBC) it appears that viewers might be getting tired of cable news in general.

The ratings for cable news continued its decline. In the month of March, every cable news outlet saw their numbers drop from a year ago.

Fox News lead the way in losing viewers. FNC fell over 30 percent from its 2012 numbers.

CNN wasn't far behind, shedding almost 30% of their viewers.

MSNBC was the best at losing the least, but they still dropped almost 5  percent of their viewers from a year ago.

Fox News, which still is the number one cable news channel by a lot, has to be concerned at how many viewers are tuning out. FNC's primetime numbers are at the lowest point in the demos in years. Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren had their worst demo ratings ever. Bill O'Reilly's demo ratings were also way down.

MSNBC did show some life during the daytime with ratings up almost 30% in the demos. MSNBC was also firmly ahead of the very much struggling CNN.

CNN's lone bright spot? Anderson Cooper. Coop's show was up 17% in total viewers and almost 10% in demos.

But, the overall drop in viewers to cable news maybe be a sign that what was once working, no longer is.

It will be interesting to see if the cable nets will adapt, or continues to just keep their head in the sand.

Stay tuned...