Norfolk Station Does it Again

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FTVLive told you on the first day of the May book, WTKR in Norfolk had interviewed the station's former Anchor Les Smith.

Smith was the longtime anchor at the station until he disappeared from the airwaves without explanation. No one knew why. One day he just didn’t come back to work.

Now, WTKR is going back to the former talent pool to take another dip.

This time their going to use former weatherman Jon Cash to try and pull in some ratings.

Cash made headlines back in 2010 when the station fired him after 20 years on the air. The rumors were that he was not fired because of his evangelical ministry. He sued the station for religious discrimination.

Now, it appears that old Jon is missing the spotlight a bit and he is going on his old station in a sweeps stunt Tonight.

Cash now says getting fired was all part of God's plan (not sure if God told him to sue the station as well?).

Also, no word if WTKR will find any news this ratings book that does not involve one of their own employees or former employee.

WTKR calls themselves NewsChannel 3, but maybe the slogan should be "It's All About Us!"

Here's a teaser for the former weatherman story: