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FTVLive is wrapping up our biggest week ever to visitors of this website.

We want to thank all of you for not only stopping by, but for telling your friends and co-workers about FTVLive.com as well.

It's been just about 3 months since FTVLive knocked down the paywall and become a free website to all (and we have yet to take off a single day in that time).

The way we were able to go free is because we have the BEST sponsors in and around the TV news business.

Sponsors like EPH Communications. 

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Eric Huguelet is the man behind the company and a Talent Coach that we promise you gets results.

Eric coaching talent since the early seventies.  After starting the coaching service at Frank Magid Associates, he created EPH Communications in 1978 to better serve the talent needs of television stations and broadcast professionals.

As the leading provider of talent coaching, Eric takes pride in offering the best coaching services available. He is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

No firm has been at it longer - 38 years of superior work with forward thinking television companies, among them Hearst, Gannett, ABC, CNN, & Fox.

Your folks get quality one-on-one feedback, intensive work on improved delivery, and a road map for progress.

You get results.

Eric focuses on the delivery, not the ancillary image aspects of the production.  If your coach also does makeup or wardrobe or hair, you're not getting informed, focused, nitty-gritty input on presentation.  That said, there are plenty of folks who advise on hair, wardrobe, and makeup. We'll help you find the good ones.

For more info on Eric and what he does, visit his website