"Special Message" for Ratings


As we pointed out, Today is the first day of the May Book, so it's the time for TV Anchors to air their illnesses, dirty laundry or whatever else they need to say.

Because of course it's all about them.

Let's head to Atlanta and WAGA Fox 5.

Viewers maybe wondering what's up with long-time Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis? Or maybe they have really just forgot about her entirely.

For the first since her arrest for an alleged DUI last November, she is finally going to speak in what Fox 5 is touting is a "special message" at 10 p.m. Thursday.

What she will be able to say specifically about her legal case?

Who cares it's ratings and the station obviously doesn't think they can win viewers with their reporting, so they'll go to some stunt like this.

Chances are it will be a sweet, gentle, non-specific message, perhaps an apology for what she did. 

Davis has declined all interview requests since November. And she is in legal limbo. Her case has not gone before a judge, The case in January moved from Atlanta Municipal Court to Fulton County State Court. The last I had checked, there has been no date set for trial. At the time, William Head, Davis' attorney, said the case would take longer in Fulton County. Indeed, that has been the case.

Davis, who has been with WAGA-TV since 1986 when it was a CBS affiliate, has been off the air since the November 11 wrong-way crash on Piedmont Ave. in Midtown. She was arrested for charges of reckless driving and driving under the influence. She was arrested for a DUI charge more than 20 years ago as well.

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution