Poll Shows CNN Least Believable with Bombing Coverage

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A poll finds that CNN lost much of their credibility while covering the the Boston Marathon bombings.

In a poll conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov twenty-one percent of respondents rated CNN's coverage of the events as either "not very believable" or "not at all believable" -- a higher percentage than any other cable or broadcast news network. And among those who said that the media as a whole behaved irresponsibly in its coverage, 47 percent said CNN was either not very or not at all believable -- more than any other organization.

Fox News was the best-rated of the cable networks in spite of also falsely reporting an arrest, largely because more than three-quarters of Republicans rated its coverage as either very or somewhat believable.

The three broadcast news networks, including NBC News, which was praised for the accuracy of its reporting, were all rated similarly in terms of the believability of their coverage.

Despite all the mistake, CNN president Jeff Zucker thought his staff did an excellent job. 

See the full poll results here