Former Norfolk Anchor: I Didn't Quit TV, I Quit Life

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The May Sweeps is getting ready to start and it's time for anchors and former anchors to disclose their illness and or other battles, because of course it really is all about them.

First up, former WTKR Anchor Les Smith.

Smith was the longtime anchor at the station until he disappeared from the airwaves without explanation. No one knew why. One day he just didn’t come back to work.

“I didn’t quit the news business; I quit life,” says Smith.

“I ended up in a hospital in NYC, where I was working, and I really wanted to die. I was trying to die, because I was that depressed. I didn’t want to go on anymore,” says Smith.

Les was pulled back from the brink of self-destruction and now he sits down with his old station on the first day of the May book. 

Anchor Barbara Ciara does the piece and she makes sure that the story is not all about Les Smith...she is careful to write herself into the story as well.

Because...say it with me....It's all about them.

Here's the video: