Fired F-Bomb Anchor Continues Magic Carpet Ride

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FTVLive continues to shake our head over how an anchor that never should have been put on the air in the first place, is being booked all over national TV.

It says a lot about TV now-a-days.

A.J. Clemente's TV anchor career blow up in the first 10 seconds of his first show. Clemente opened the newscast for Bismarck's NBC affiliate KFYR by saying "Fuckin' Shit".

He was abruptly fired for violation FCC rules and basically for not having a clue as to what he was doing.

But, thanks to YouTube, Clemente's awful anchoring went viral and because today's television doesn't do anything that isn't on the Internet first, the talk shows lined up to book the foul mouth ex-anchor.

He did the Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael and Letterman.

Kelly and Michael gave him a temp job to do interviews at some fundraiser that were sure that neither Kelly nor Michael really wanted to go to.

Through out the day, Clemente posted smug tweets about how great his day was and all the stars that he met.

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David Letterman asked Clemente if his old station offered him his job back would he take it?

Clemente said that he "thought about it, but if ESPN comes knocking". 

Sorry to burst you're bubble A.J., but ESPN ain't going to be knocking, and Letterman agrees. 

Here's the video:

We hate to to break the news to old A.J....but you're in 14th minute of your 15 minutes of fame and you better start thinking about your next career? 

Can you say this line without dropping the F-Bomb? "Do you want fries with that?"

Then again, the way TV News is now-a-days, it wouldn't shock us to see Clemente get his own show on MSNBC.