F-Bomb Anchor Shows he Can't Anchor or Report

Even if A.J. Clemente never uttered an f-bomb on the air, the station still may have been wise to fire him.

As you all know by now, Clemente is the Bismarck, ND Anchor who was fired for cussing on his very first newscast.

His video of his awful anchoring went viral and he was asked to appear on several New York talk shows, so they could make fun of him to his face.

He did the Today Show, Letterman, Live with Kelly and Michael along with some other shows.

Kelly and Michael gave him a "reporter job"  and instructed him to go to a movie premiere and interview the stars.

Clemente was back on "Live with..." yesterday morning to air his piece from the movie premiere.

He was to introduce his his piece by reading the prompter, which he couldn't do and threw to his story which showed he couldn't report.

It looks like Clemente is about 14:45 seconds into his 15 minutes of fame.

Here's the video: