CNN Let's Ex-Ricin Suspect Sing a Little Randy Travis

Maybe this was CNN's way of saying sorry.

Jake Tapper had Paul Kevin Curtis on his show. Curtis is the Elvis impersonator that was accused of sending ricin-laden letters to President Obama and others, until all the  charges dropped.

Federal authorities said they'd found "new information", and Curtis was free to go.

No one was happier with that news than Curtis. He went on Tapper's show to express his excitement and relief.

After a boring interview in which he basically said he's hoping to parlay his poisoning charges into a life of celebrity, Tapper then asked Curtis if he wanted to do one of his impersonations?

Curtis he wanted to sound like Randy Travis and broke out into tune. Since we personally have no a frickin clue what Randy Travis sounds like, we'll let you be the judge how he did.

Oh! And remember this is CNN...