Leaving the TV Business


It seems more and more, people working in TV News are looking to get out of the business altogether.

The latest one to kiss TV news goodbye, WBBH (Ft. Myers-Naples) Weekend Anchor 

Jennifer Trammell.

Trammell signed off this past weekend, but she's not leaving Southwest Florida.

“In TV it’s all about bumping up to the next market,” says Trammell. “I want to be settled for a while.”

“It was a hard decision,” says Trammell, of leaving broadcasting, one, she says, that she didn’t take lightly or make overnight. But ultimately, she was ready for this new challenge.

Trammell joins NewsBank, which is headquarter here in Naples. An information collector and provider, Trammell will be part of their expanding video division.

Trammell came to NBC-2 from Green Bay, Wis., where she worked as a reporter, shooting video, writing stories, and editing her own pieces (they call ‘em “one-man bands.”). She has worked for stations across the Midwest including KSNT in Topeka, Kansas, and KELO in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Trammell says that despite what you may think, weekend anchor is not a glamorous job.

“Not glamorous at all. I answered phones; listened to scanners; called the sheriff’s office; helped the producer write copy.” 

Damn! They made her call the Sheriff's office and write copy?!

No wonder she quit.

H/T Naples News