Do you want Al Roker to Come to your House?


If you're like me, you are most likely thinking, I wish Al Roker would stop by my house and cook me some eggs.

OK....maybe you're not like me.

But if you are, you're in luck!

NBC's Today Show's latest sweeps stunt is to "Wake up with Al" and have him come to your neck of the woods.

Today has set up a website where you can write and essay or post a video as to why you want Al Roker coming to your house and scaring the shit out of the kids (OK, I might have added that last part).

The site says "Want to wake up with Al? Invite him to your neck of the woods!

Enter for the chance to win a visit from Mr. Roker. He could help you cook up some eggs and send your kids off to school — and he'll host TODAY from your home!"

Here's a link to the entry page