John King Admits He Screwed Up


CNN's John King was DC radio station WTOP talking about the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.

When he was asked about his report there was an arrest in the case that turned out to be totally wrong.

"Well I was involved in that. It's not walking back, it's correcting it. You have to do that, and it's embarrassing," King said. "I've been at this for nearly 30 years gentlemen. I've covered a couple wars and a lot of breaking news and a lot of cops-and-robbers situations. I've got a pretty good track record, but when you do something like this it's embarrassing."

"The bigger part, beyond being personally embarrassing, is it's tough for your viewers, who you want to trust you," he continued. "So the one thing you do have to do is look in the camera and say, 'We were wrong,' and try to explain why we were wrong. In this case we had two reputable sources -- one of mine, one of a colleague's of mine -- who have been reliable in the past, who simply had bad information. We had two -- you never do that with one -- and we went with it, and we had to correct it."

FTVLive watched a lot of CNN's coverage and we never saw the part where John King looked into the camera and said he was wrong.

Did anyone else see that?

It's good that King has stepped up and made a huge mistake, yet we're still not sure he made that admission on CNN. 

During the coverage he seemed to put the blame more on "his Source" than he did himself. 

By-the-way, CNN boss Jeff Zucker that they did an excellent job covering the story.