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Speaking of hair on the morning shows, Robin Roberts tells why she didn't go for the "Anchor wig" after undergoing her bone marrow transplant that kept her off the air for several months and caused her to lose her hair.

Roberts opted for honesty.

"It came about after hours of thinking and searching," she told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Rob Owen. "Because the first time, in 2007, when I lost my hair to chemotherapy, I wore the trusted little anchor wig. I wouldn't leave home without it. This time, the audience had already seen me without it. I thought it would be more jarring to them that all of a sudden I have hair when they've seen me through this."

She said dealing with hair issues after cancer treatment is an individual choice.

"You will find when you talk to people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, especially moms who don't want their children to be fearful, when you're bald, people know you are sick," she said. "It's more about putting other people at ease. I can't speak for all cancer patients but for the vast majority of them it's about putting those around us at ease."

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