Not a Good Dip

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During the coverage of last night's search and capture of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect, NBC used a variety of sources.

The main players for NBC were Brian Williams, Kerry Sanders, Lester Holt and Pete Williams.

As officers had the suspect cornered, hiding in a boat, the coverage was more about filling time and trying to get information.

No media outlet was closer enough to get a live picture of the stand off, viewers were stuck watching video shot down the street. You had plenty of emergency vehicles to look at, but not much action. 

NBC would occasionally "dip into" the coverage of the local Boston stations, most notably WHDH, the NBC station in Bean Town.

In fact, NBC was broadcasting WHDH's signal when it was first reported the suspect had been captured.

But, early on, Brian Williams told viewers that they were going " to dip on on the coverage of New England Cable News..."

It what had to be some of the worst timing every, just as NBC took the signal from NECN, some reporter off camera drops the S-Bomb. NBC dipped out of the coverage and BriWi told viewers he was sorry and pointed out it was NECN's mistake and not NBC's.

Here's the video: