NBC's Pete Williams - The Calm in the Media Storm


The Boston Marathon bombing story is by no doubt the biggest news story in the social media era.

You must remember that when 9/11 happened, Twitter, Facebook or any other of the social media websites did not exist.

The Boston Bombings have brought out some of the best and the worst of both Social and the Mainstream Media.

And while we had the debacle of CNN and Fox News reporting of phantom arrests along with other media mistakes. There was one Journalist who stood out for his solid coverage and his ability to get the facts right.

NBC's Pete Williams.

When John King was on CNN reporting that an arrest had been made, it was Pete Williams that was one of the first to correct that wrong information.

NBC News put their trust in Williams, who was more worried about getting it right, instead of being first.

"Pete Williams" was a trending topic on Twitter. 

"When I see Pete Williams say something, I knew it was a fact," said one Boston Reporter who has also been working the story. "Pete's old school and in this case old school works quite well". the Reporter told FTVLive.

Interestingly, Pete Williams has just over 15,000 followers on Twitter. Not many when you compare that CNN's Anderson Cooper has over 3 million followers.

But, while someone like Cooper has sent out over 14,000 Tweets, Pete Williams has sent out a total of 18. The last one was almost a month ago on March 22nd.

"Pete knows it is all about the story, he never tries to make himself part of the story." says an NBC staffer to FTVLive.

So while guys like Anderson Cooper like to make sure they as much a part of the story as they can be....Pete Williams still does it the old way. Tell the story and stay out of the way.

And his solid reporting from Boston has shown that his way is the best way.

Maybe that's why a guy that has only sent out a total of 18 Tweets was trending on Twitter and Mr. 3 Million followers wasn't.

Food for thought.