Throwing the Book at Today


Word is that Matt Lauer and his Today show bosses were doing their best to try and obtain an advance copy of New York Times media reporter, Brian Stelter‘s new book "Top of the Morning."

The book will be released next week and it is expected to paint a bad picture of some members of the Today Show and Lauer in general.

Sources tell FTVLive that Stelter sat down with members of the Today Show for interviews and fact checking on the book. So many inside Today have a fairly good idea what's coming.

Still, with the Today Show suffering from from so many PR debacles, Stelter's book is likely only going to add to that.

Sources tell FTVLive that NBC's Today Show has put Stelter on a "black list" and no one is talking to him.

The NY Times did release a 6,000 word excerpt of the book Yesterday and there is no doubt it is not casting NBC in a favorable light. 

Word is that some other bombshells involving Matt Lauer will be release when the book comes out on the 23rd.

No doubt it's going to be some interesting reading.