Hmmmmm? Seems a Bit Strange...

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There's a rule in TV news that almost every station follows.

After a plane crash, all ad spots for airlines are pulled from the air. After a tornado rips through a town, stations pull spots for mobile home sales.

It's just basic standard operating procedure. You don't want to show the wreckage of a passenger jet on the newscast and then cut to a commercial for American Airlines (or any other airline for that matter).

So we found it a bit odd that after screwing up maybe the biggest story in their 33 years of existence, CNN has an ad on a website who's job it is to report on them. 

The cable net is being skewered in the media for reporting the wrong information about an "arrest" in the Boston Marathon Bombings. CNN is getting well deserved heat for their wrong information and their not very well sourced exclusive.

Yet, over at one of FTVLive's competitors you see a CNN ad at the top of their site and another one down in the right hand column.

What was the motive of CNN's ad placements on TVNewser? And knowing that they were going to be reporting on the CNN screw up, why did TVNewser accept the ad? 

It does appear that of all the TV news insider websites, TVNewser has gone the easiest on CNN and their colossal screw up. Is it because of the ad dollars that CNN is spending with them?

FTVLive reached out to TVNewser and we are waiting a response.