Ann Curry has Been Ostracized from NBC News


The NY Times Brian Stelter has a book coming out about the Network Morning shows and the Ann Curry Debacle  at NBC.

Today the Times has a long excerpt from the book.

Talking about Curry being booted from Today, Stelter writes Curry was now NBC’s “national and international correspondent” and the anchor at large for “Today,” but these titles seemed honorary. Curry had appeared on “Today” only a handful of times since her ouster. She had no role in NBC’s coverage of election night or Inauguration Day. She taped a few stories for “Rock Center,” the prime-time newsmagazine show, but as she explained on Twitter, her bosses kept rescheduling them. Curry had moved to an office on the 27th floor of 30 Rock, far from her NBC News bosses on the third floor. On this morning, she was at work on a short “NBC Nightly News” segment about the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. It would be only her sixth appearance on the network all year.

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