Whoopi: I don't Give a Fuck who Co-Host The View


No one seems to know who is going to replace Joy Behar when she leaves 'The View' and it doesn't seem like View host Whoopi Goldberg could care either way.

With Joy Behar leaving the morning talk show after 16 years and reports that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be ousted from her seat, the comic, 57, is set for some new couchmates. But Goldberg is doing her best to stay away from casting speculation.

"Let me tell you this about 'The View,'" Goldberg told Us Weekly. 'I take a paycheck every other week. That's all I do. I could give a shit what comes. I do my job — I have a contract. That's where I stand. I don't give a fuck."

"I don't care [about casting decisions]. That's not my job," the actress continued. "My job is to show up and be cute by aa o'clock and get the fuck off that show by 12. And that's what I try to do."

That doesn't mean Goldberg won't play it cool when her new co-workers arrive.

"Whatever y'all want," Goldberg said. "Just make sure my check doesn't bounce."

Goldberg refused to guess who Behar and Hasselbeck's replacements might be.

"I think it's the only way to keep your sanity because these are not decisions that I get to make," Goldberg said. "It ain't my show. It's Barbara's show."

H/T NY Daily News