What the Hell is Going on Over There?


FTVLive has been telling you about both the on air and off air changes at WPLG in Miami.

The station recently had a huge shake up to the weather anchors as they made room for new hire Julie Durda.

While management at WPLG is acting like getting Durda was akin to the Yankees signing Babe Ruth. the viewers are not so sure.

One longtime viewer wrote and email to WPLG News Director Bill Pohovey and GM Dave Boylan.

While emails to station management are nothing new, this emailer seemed to be articulate and well thought out with his concerns.

FTVLive obtained a copy of the email and here it is:

From: "JoelSSlotnick@
Date: April 16, 2013, 10:54:43 PM EDT
To: "Pohovey, Bill" <bpohovey@wplg.com>, "Boylan, Dave" <dboylan@wplg.com>, SHARE <SHARE@wplg.com>
Subject: 10:  No Longer a 10

Dear WPLG,

I have been a resident of south Florida since 1971.  WPLG has always been one of my two top TV stations to watch news and weather until very recently.

What is going on at 10?  I spent many years in corporate America (the banking industry) and know sometimes changes need to be made, usually in the best interest of the company AND the persons involved.   But to take seasoned people who have dedicated their lives to be the best they can to make WPLG what it was (until recently) and basically toss them all aside like yesterday's leftover dinner is beyond me.  It wasn't just one typical change.....it's multiple.

You can't tell me it's an age thing, because Kristi, Trent, Scott and Michael were of diverse ages.  You can't tell me it was because of looks, because they are very appealing to the eye.   I would find it hard to believe it is ratings.  Then what was it? Corporate pressure?  Someone had to save their own job?   I know you don't "owe" an explanation, but as a viewer, to make the amount of changes in such a short period of time - there's more than meets the eye, and I am one (of many, I'm sure) who doesn't like what his eyes are seeing.

Kristi: was the morning news.  I enjoyed watching her when I was able to at that time of the morning.  Kristi obviously love what she does.  She  has great delivery and puts everything into her presentation.  I've watched Kristi over the years on at different times of the day or night, and no matter what time she was on, she delivered.

Trent:  Here is a person who joined 10 and was passed the torch as Chief Meteorologist when Don Noe retired.  Obviously, 10 thought he was certainly qualified to enter that role.  We surely did.  He always comes across as professional and certainly is dedicated as seen his long hours during hurricane season.  I've seen Trent on air just about any time, any day of the week/weekend when necessary.  Whether or not it was hurricane season.

Scott and Michael:  I don't care what time I have turned on 10.  Iif it was Scott or Michael presenting the weather, they too are always professional and also know how to talk TO the audience, not at them.  They are excellent at what they do and either one of them (in my eyes) could have stepped up to the plate as Chief.

 I have had the great privilege to meet and talk with three out of four of these fine people.  They represent WPLG  as human, caring, professional and even humorous, but ALWAYS REAL,  both on and off the air.  All four of them have been welcomed in my home (via TV) on a regular basis, and they will continue to be part of my household as long as they are at 10. 

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you look at your various Facebook pages and see what people are saying.  Listen to it.  I know we can't tell you what to do, but as your viewers, we can speak loud in many ways.  Thank heaven for social media.  It allows us to speak volumes AND it lets WPLG know we care and care about those who have become part of our daily families.

One thing I can promise, 10 is not the 10 it used to be.  Sad for us.  Sadder for you.

A very long time viewer, but unknown for how much longer,