Was CNN Wrong?! Updated -Yes they Were!


CNN has been going on and on saying that an arrest has been made in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

John King has been on the air reporting saying that his sources confirm that an arrest was made.

While CNN was reporting and arrest, a number of other media outlets (NBC, ABC) were reporting no arrests were made. 

While CNN was still going live from the scene, King stepped out of frame and could be heard talking on his phone.

It was obvious that he was asked if his info was solid? King could be heard "My source confirms it, Fran's (Townsend) sources confirms...but I'll double back....I'll double back."

Shortly after that call CNN started backpedaling on air. They reported that they could have a suspect in custody, but not an been officially arrested. 

Then Former FBI Asst. Director Tom Fuentes went on the network and said his sources tell him that "no arrest have been made" and that at this point they don't even have the suspects name.

If CNN was this wrong with their initial reports of an arrest, it could be a huge black eye to the new Jeff Zucker regime.

Stay tuned....

Update: John King has returned to the air to say that there is "no arrest."

Uh oh...