CNN Born June 1, 1980 -​ Died April 17, 2013


If it was an obituary it would read:

CNN  Born June 1, 1980 - Died April 17, 2013

April 17th, Yesterday is the day that CNN in an effort to be first, ended up killing their integrity and made a mistake that quite frankly they may never recover from. 

When CNN screwed up yesterday by reporting that there was an arrest in the Boston Marathon Bombing, you would have thought that the competition would be rejoicing.

And to some extent they were.

But as one top executive at another network said to FTVLive "CNN's inaccurate reporting gives all of us a black eye."

The executive says that a mistake this big will reflect bad on all Journalists.

CNN wasn't the only cable net to report an arrest was made. Fox News also jumped on the bandwagon, but no one was louder and more boastful than CNN and John King.

King spent a lot of time on the air saying that a "dark skinned male" had been arrested in the bombing investigation.

But when John King coughed, the entire network caught the cold.

Everyone of CNN looked embarrassed after the wrong report. Some CNN staffers went on air and without saying King's name, they threw him under the bus. 

Here's the video as CNN goes from "an arrest has been made" to "there is no arrest."

Watch CNN lose all in integrity in just over 2 and half minutes:

CNN's mistakes have to be eating away at new boss Jeff Zucker. A mistake this big on a story so huge will take a longtime for the network to recover from.

Years from now you could see CNN breaking some big story and hear someone reply, "yeah but remember we're talking about CNN, the network that screwed up the Boston Marathon bombings." 

In a media world where being first seems to be more important than being right....CNN maybe paying the ultimate price for being first and being wrong.