Atlanta Station with Boston Exclusive


While Boston stations and networks have numerous crews assigned to the Boston Bombings, one big exclusive came from a station in Atlanta, over a 1,000 miles away from the crime scene. 

WAGA in Atlanta had photos and a first look at what is left of the first deadly device that exploded at the Boston Marathon.

The station obtained crime scene photos of the what has been reported as a "pressure cooker bomb"

The pressure cooker bomb uses common cookware throughout the world.  The crime scene pictures obtained by the FOX 5 I-Team show pieces of a stainless steel pressure cooker with an Underwriters Laboratory number. One picture shows the imprint: Gas and Electric.   

WAGA reports that sources say these and more pictures have been distributed to key investigators involved in the bomb investigation.  Now, agents will identify where all the various components were manufactured, and then sold, hoping the trail leads them to the killer or killers.

Here is video of the station's report: