Kelly Hasn't Talked to Regis in Years

Remember when it seemed like Kelly and Regis were just like part of a happy family?


Well. it turns out it was all an act for TV (Shocking...isn't it?).

Kelly Ripa co-hosted Live! with Regis Philbin for more than 10 years but admits she’s lost touch with the lovable TV personality.

The revelation came as the petite 42-year-old revealed she hadn’t seen or spoken to the 81-year-old retired entertainment legend since he left the show in 2011.

Radar Online says that Kelly, who was being honored by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the 35 Most Powerful People in Media, was asked if she kept in touch with Regis and shocked the room when she simply replied, “I haven’t seen him, no.”

The former soap opera actress became an instant household name when she famously replaced Regis’ co-host Kathie Lee Gifford on the popular syndicated morning talk show in 2001.

“Kelly should have probably kept her mouth shut about not speaking to Regis since he left the show,” an insider at Live! told

“He’s still so beloved and missed – her comment makes it seem that all those years their relationship was just an act.”

H/T Radar Online