CNN To Stick Tapper Repeat at 10PM


The 10PM time slot at CNN his kind of like Jeff Zucker's sand box. He plays around, builds things and then knocks down what he made and starts over.

The 10PM slot was where the repeats of Anderson Cooper's show aired. But then Zucker tried the Fox News rip off of The Five called (Get to) The Point in that slot.

The show never did get to the point and was canceled after just 4 episodes.

Now, Zuck has decided to stick a repeat of Jake Tapper's 'The Lead' in the 10:00 slot. The Lead has followed in the ratings with awful numbers and it appears the Zucker is hoping to get viewers to sample the show as it repeats at night. The Lead's live airtime is 4PM.

How long will The Lead repeat stay a 10PM? Until Zucker wants to play with something else in his sandbox.

Stay tuned...