Tucson Weatherman Taking Leave of Absence...again


Chuck George, chief meteorologist for Tucson’s KOLD Channel 13 is taking his third leave of absence from the station in the past 3 years.

 No word on why he has taken a sudden leave of absence this time and the station isn't talking. 

“Chuck is taking a leave of absence,” said KOLD Vice President and General Manager Debbie Bush, via email; the Arizona Daily Star. “Unfortunately, we cannot comment further on employee matters.”

George took a leave of absence from Sept. 9, 2011 to Oct. 24 of that year. His leave began after he failed to finish a broadcast in which he slurred his words. He missed six full weeks of broadcasts.

George also took a five-week hiatus in March and April 2010.

Once again if this was the mayor of Tucson the station would be all over the story and demanding a reason for the Mayor to be out of work. But, when it happens to one of their own, the station clams up and says nothing.

Gots to love the lack of communications in the communications business.

H/T Arizona Daily Star