EP Comes to Lauer's Defense


The rebuild Matt Lauer's Reputation Tour took a swing by TV Guide.

TV Guide talked to the Today Show's EP Don Nash and he continued to try a prop up Lauer.

They write that Nash recently sat in on a focus group of female morning-show viewers. When they were asked what would make them stop watching the NBC program, "every one of them said, 'If Matt Lauer were to leave,'" Nash says. "Their opinions didn't square with what we had been reading in the papers and on websites."

 "I think it could be much worse without him," says Nash. "I can tell you unequivocally that the staff is not divided over whether Matt should stay or go. This staff loves Matt."

But what about the fact someone on the staff reached out to Anderson Cooper to see if he was interested in Lauer's job? Cooper was not.

Nash says "We hope Matt stays forever," he said "but you're always looking for talent because you want the person to grow into the job and you want some time to groom them." 

Really?! So NBC was looking to hire Cooper and have him sit on the sidelines and get "groomed" while Matt stays at his job "forever."

Sorry, we ain't buying it.