CBS Halts Replay of Player's Injury


CBS had to make the call on the fly and by most accounts, they did the right thing.

In the NCAA men's tournament game, Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware tried to block an opposing player's shot and came down wrong on his leg. He shattered his shin and you could see the bone coming out of his leg.

The injury was about as gruesome as it gets. 

After showing the replay twice, CBS made the call to not show it again. instead cameras spent much of the time focused on reaction shots, including those of three of Ware's teammates.  Wayne Blackshear cried, Chane Behanan knelt on his hands and knees and Peyton Silva sat, a hand covering his mouth.

The reaction shots were powerful and told the story of how bad the injury was without having to show it.

CBS Sports Boss Sean McManus said that because of the graphic nature of the injury, the network decided not to show it after the original replays. People could quickly find replays on YouTube, anyway.

''We did not zoom in on the injury when he was taken off,'' McManus said. ''We did not try to highlight it. I think we did the right thing.''

By most accounts, people agree with McManus....they did the right thing.

Here's the video, but seriously you might not want to watch it: